Tips For Choosing A Mountain Bike

Tips for choosing a mountain bike
Mountain biking is classified as an extreme and dangerous sport, but not a few people like this sport. Mountain biking is a cycling sport that tends to be carried out on mountains, where the land surfaces where this sport is carried out tend to be flat, rocky, and have relatively steep terrain. For example on rocks, through streams, or on paths in the mountains, and countryside. Mountain biking... read more

Luge 4S Megeve: The Best Sledging In Megeve France

Sledging In Megeve France
Luge 4S Megeve - Megeve is a very pretty and picturesque town that has retained its heritage and old country charm being a popular resort both winter and summer in France.   In winter, the city becomes an idol for spending the winter holidays. There are many activities that you can do here when winter comes, such as skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking, sledding, ice skating, and dog sle... read more

Best 5 The Most Beautiful Paragliding Spot In France

Most Beautiful Paragliding In France
Best 5 The Most Beautiful Paragliding Spot In France - Buckle up because it's time for your next adventure: paragliding in France! Let me introduce you to the 5 best places. Annecy and Chamonix can be found in the West, Verdon, and Millau in the South, and finally Normandy in Northern France. These five places offer excellent conditions for paragliding in France and there is something diffe... read more

Top 5 Golf Courses In Megeve France

Megeve Golf Course
Top 5 Golf Courses In Megeve France - Summer has arrived and have you planned your summer vacation yet? If you are still confused, try to spend your summer vacation in Megeve France. Are you now asking what you do at Megeve in the summer? Okay, you should read our article this one: The Best Things To Do In Megeve France During Summer For those of you who love golf, Megeve France is the right pl... read more

Megeve Mountain Bike Trails: Top 9 Most Beautiful

Megeve Mountain Bike
Megeve mountain bike trails - The Megève region has a lot of mountain bike trails that connect to other cities such as Sallanches, Combloux, Flumet and Praz-Surly. This is a beautiful area with a spectacular background in massive du Mont Blanc. The city of Megève is located on the main road to Albertville 40 minutes south of Chamonix. Doing mountain biking is the best thing to do in ... read more

Megeve In The Summer : Top 6 Things To Do

Summer in Megeve - Megeve is a resort that offers more than just skiing in the winter months. The resort became popular when the Rothschild family decided to move from their annual ski holiday in St. Moritz. Since then, the sleepy small farming town has grown immensely and is now recognized as a year-round luxury holiday destination in the Alps.   So what attracts people to Megeve in the ... read more

Megeve France The Perfect Place To Enjoy Winter Holiday

Megeve France The Perfect Place To Enjoy Winter Holiday -  Megeve France is a town and ski resort in the Alps just south of Sallanches and west of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Historically an important leather tannery town. Megeve's role as a ski resort was established at the beginning of the 20th century by the Rothschild family. It is now considered by many to be one of the most beaut... read more

Skiing Resorts In French Alps For Winter Holiday

Skiing Resorts In French Alps For Winter Holiday - The skiing resorts and French Alps can’t be separated. French Alps have a lot of skiing resorts so you no need to worry when you plan your next ski holiday here. This is our guide to the best ski resorts in France. France is rightfully one of the most popular ski destinations for British skiers due to its picturesque scenery and varied ski... read more

Wooden Chalet In The Alps For Winter Holiday

Wooden Chalet In The Alps For Winter Holiday - The French Alps in winter are truly the most impressive and there are many different ways to explore them. In the mountains of France, winter is all about getting out and enjoying the snow. Whatever your passion, you'll find a vacation to match, whether it's skiing, snowboarding, heli-skiing, ski tours, snowshoeing, or even ice climbing. If yo... read more

Church of Saint John the Baptist - Megeve

  Present-day of the Priory founded by the Benedictines around 1085. The church is believed that the first religious buildings in this area appeared in the XII century after the came of the monks of the famous Benedictine monastery of St. Michael the Archangel, located in the mountain valley of Val di Susa in the territory of modern Italy. They founded the parish of St. John the Baptis... read more

Winter 2021 No Ski No Holiday

“It felt like the door had been slammed in our face,” said Catherine Jullien-Breches, the mayor of Megeve, whose currently green slopes are generally covered with snow by mid-December. “It’s like going on holiday on the Cote d’Azur and being told the sea is off-limits,” said David Le Scouarnec, co-owner of Megeve’s Café 2 la Poste. (Reuters) So i... read more
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