The Best Mountain Bike Trails In France You Must Visit

Mountain Bike Trails - For those of you who have a hobby of exploring and exercising, then mountain biking is one of the summer activities that can satisfy your desires. Luckily France has been blessed with hundreds of kilometers of world-class mountain bike trails. We've reviewed the full collection of the best mountain bike routes in France and here is the list:



1. Grande Traversée du Jura

MTB Trail Grande Traversée du Jura

Grande Traversée du Jura is a mountain bike trail that crosses the Jura mountains that offers a relaxing cycling experience in the middle of a cool pine forest but also has challenging parts. The starting point of this trail is in the town of Maude Maudeure near Montbeliard, Doubs, France. In conquering this path, you need to go through 3 stages. The first stage is heading to Culoz in the county of Ain by walking along the Doubs River which has a very beautiful blue color and contrasts with the colors of the meadows and forests. You will get the second stage when you arrive at the Parc Naturel Régional du Haut-Jura. The characteristics of this path require a little technical skill because it will climb and descend many valleys that have high limestone peaks. After passing the challenge, you will be offered a wide-open field that is ideal for beginners. The path will take you to the third stage which ends at the finish line at the foot of the Grand Colombier mountain.
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2. Corsica

MTB Trail Corsica

For those of you cyclists who have big guts and are looking for a challenge, this is a MTB trail in Europe that must be visited. The trail is located in the Coscione plateau in the Heart of South Corsica which is characterized by steep and rocky mountains over 2700m high. This trail is not suitable for beginners but will be considered a paradise for mountain bikers looking for a challenge.
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3. Grande Traversée du Massif Central

MTB Trail Grande Traversée du Massif Central

Most of these mountain bike trails are single trails through natural forests, have a diverse landscape, and pose great challenges. The journey begins between the beautiful Parc des Volcans volcanoes heading south. The beginning of the journey will start with a fairly easy hiking trail, but when you reach the top you will be faced with an open path making the journey down the hill long and free on a wide track. When you continue to the south again, you will be faced with a narrower path and a rocky surface. Maybe you can consider seeking navigational assistance and need careful planning such as bringing medical equipment, sufficient food or even finding the nearest accommodation information.
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