Why You Must Try Summer Sledging Or Tobbogan?

If you are looking for a new family activity for a summer holiday in the mountains, then Luge 4s Megeve summer sledging is the answer. Now you don't have to wait for winter to experience descending the mountains from a whole new perspective while having fun. Summer sledging is as much fun as winter sledging.   First, you will be taken upstairs with a chairlift. During the journe... read more

Golf Terms That Every Golfer Needs to Know

Golf Terms - Playing golf requires skill and understanding of the rules of the game. In addition, golf players must master the terms in it. Like sports games in general, golf also has several terms that are often used in the game of golf.   Golf Terms Here are golf terms that both professional and amateur golfers should understand: Green: A grassy area trimmed short around a hol... read more

5 Best Altitude Restaurants In Megeve

France is well known for its sumptuous food and many famous chefs are from France. It's no wonder there are many luxury restaurants that offer aesthetic and delicious food. But have you tried eating at the altitude restaurant in Megeve? Besides offering delicious food, you will also be presented with stunning mountain views. Here are 5 restaurants altitude Megeve that you must visit:  ... read more