5 Best Altitude Restaurants In Megeve

France is well known for its sumptuous food and many famous chefs are from France. It's no wonder there are many luxury restaurants that offer aesthetic and delicious food. But have you tried eating at the altitude restaurant in Megeve? Besides offering delicious food, you will also be presented with stunning mountain views. Here are 5 restaurants altitude Megeve that you must visit:


Ideal 1850

Restaurant Altitude Megeve Ideal 1850
Idéal 1850 a highland restaurant not to be missed. As the name suggests, 1850 meters above Megève. It is necessary to use a ski lift to get to this restaurant and when you reach the top be prepared to be blown away because this restaurant has a beautiful terrace where you can relax in the sun while enjoying spectacular views of the valley and peaks of the Mont Blanc mountains. Not only that, this restaurant also pampers its guests with a specialty of grilled meat in a giant fireplace.
Idéal 1850 Location 


La Folie Douce

Restaurant Altitude Megeve La Folie Douce
La Folie Douce is one of the skiers' favorite altitude restaurant. Located at an altitude of 1,958M, this place offers views of the highest peak in Europe, namely Mont Blanc. That's really amazing. La Folie Douce is no ordinary restaurant but a festive party venue that makes it the perfect après-ski destination. You won't be surprised to see that the champagne magnum is a favorite among Folie visitors here. If you want to mix food, great views, wine and music, La Folie Douce is the answer.
La Folie Douce Location 


Les Mandarines

Restaurant Altitude Megeve Les Mandarines
If you ask what is the oldest altitude restaurant in France, the answer is Les Mandariness, which was founded in 1934 and still exists today. What makes this restaurant still exist is the exclusive experience. Experience traditional French food (tartiflettes, warm Beaufort tarts, grilled meats and other dishes) on a south-facing terrace with stunning views of Mont Blanc and the village of Megeve. No one can argue about that.
Les Mandarines Location 



Restaurant Altitude Megeve L'Alpette
L'Alpette is another altitude restaurant that can be your choice to enjoy a stunning 360-degree view from the top of Mont Rochebrune. Located at an altitude of 1895 meters, this restaurant will treat you gourmet fans with French dishes such as foie gras and escargot along with charcuterie, fondue, hamburgers, and without forgetting the important cheese specialty.
L'Alpette Location 


Super Megeve

Restaurant Altitude Megeve Super Megeve
Not only famous for its stunning views, Super Megeve which is above the Rochebrune cable car will also provide another experience in eating a meal. With a large terrace, panoramic Alpine views and grilled meat dishes will make your lunch very memorable.
Super Megeve Location


Have you decided which restaurant you will visit? Restaurant Megeve always surprises and becomes a tough choice to choose one of them. Whichever restaurant you choose, make sure you have a place to stay close by. 
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