Golf Terms That Every Golfer Needs to Know

Golf Terms - Playing golf requires skill and understanding of the rules of the game. In addition, golf players must master the terms in it. Like sports games in general, golf also has several terms that are often used in the game of golf.


Golf Terms

Here are golf terms that both professional and amateur golfers should understand:

Golf Terms
Green: A grassy area trimmed short around a hole or pin.
Par: The number of cash strokes a golfer must take to complete a hole.
Birdie: The result of a score one point under Par in a hole.
Bogey: Bogey is the opposite of Birdie which is the result of scoring one point above Par in one hole.
Double Bogey: The result of a score of two strokes over par.
Eagle: Two under Par.
Bunker: A hollow filled with sand or grass that acts as an obstacle in the game of golf.
Caddy: Persons hired by golfers to help golfers and carry golf clubs
Club: The club in the game of golf is also referred to as a club that serves to hit the golf ball. There are three types of clubs in the game of golf, namely iron, putter, and wood.
Dogleg: A turn or bend to the left or right of a hole.
Driving Area: Facilities are provided for golfers to practice their swing and stroke and play short-distance golf. The driving area is often referred to as a golf range.
Tee Box: A player tee area where the player starts the game.
Water Hazard: An obstacle in the form of a stream of water or a pool on a golf course. Water hazards can be natural or constructed water barriers that aim to increase the difficulty of players when playing golf.



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Golf Shot Technique Terms

After we were acquainted with the term playing golf, next we will learn the terms golf strokes which consist of:

Golf Shot Technique Terms
Approach Shot: A short to medium range shot with the aim of bringing the ball closer to the green area. Approach shots are divided into three types, namely pitch, flop, and chip.
Bunker Shot: A shot made when the ball lands on a bunker. Golfers will use sand wedge-type golf sticks when making this shot.
Chip In: A player's stroke is called Chip In if he manages to get the ball into the hole, not from the green.
Fairway Shot: A powerful shot made when the ball is far from the hole. This shot is done when playing golf using a wedge or iron golf club.
Hole in One: A player is called a Hole in One if he manages to get the ball from the teeing ground into the hole with one stroke.
Knockdown or Punch: Knockdown is a low hit done to avoid a tree, branch, branch, or strong wind.
Putting: Hitting the ball on the grass by using a tool to put the ball called a putter. This shot is considered the most difficult stroke for golfers. Putter-type golf sticks are used for this short-distance shot.
Tee Shot: The first shot by a golfer in a game of golf. In the game of golf, the Tee Shot is likened to a serve shot.