Megeve In The Summer : Top 6 Things To Do

Summer in Megeve - Megeve is a resort that offers more than just skiing in the winter months. The resort became popular when the Rothschild family decided to move from their annual ski holiday in St. Moritz. Since then, the sleepy small farming town has grown immensely and is now recognized as a year-round luxury holiday destination in the Alps.

So what attracts people to Megeve in the summer? During summer in Megeve, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Here is my list of the 5 best things you can experience in Megeve in the summer. best golf courses in France


  1. Golf
    The 18-hole Domaine du Mont d'Arbois golf course, overlooking the village of Megève at 1,320 meters above sea level, was built in 1920, making it one of the oldest golf courses in the mountains. Designed in the style of a French garden, the 50-acre course was designed by professional athlete Henry Cotton and has stunning views from Mont Joly to the Aravis Mountains. The best golf courses in Megeve France such as Golf Club De Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Golf Du Mont D'Arbois, Golf des Confins, Golf Flaine-les-Carroz (De Pierre Carree), and Golf du Grand-Bornand

    Mont d'Arbois Golf Course, home to many amateur and professional competitions, including the Winter Golf Cup, is located on a plateau at a height with which players can take advantage of a powerful hammock. Visitors can use the driveway every day, go green and work out in the bunker, so you can enjoy the mountain views while working on your handicap.

  2. Hiking and cycling
    Discover the meadows, forests, and mountain peaks of this beautiful resort with more than 300 km of cycle paths waiting to be explored. From beginners to experienced cyclists, Megève offers several levels of trails with routes for road and mountain bikes. If you want to improve your mountain bike riding skills, Megève has VTT courses for anyone over the age of four with organized bike rides throughout the resort. Experienced cyclists must not miss cycling training, which gives cyclists the opportunity to ride with former professional cyclist Megèvan Jean-Lou Païni. You can also read about Megeve's mountain bike trails to find out the suitable trail for your level.  If you want to hike, Megève also has a selection of hiking trails spanning over 150 km with scenic and family-friendly walks, as well as more demanding sports trials. Megève has also put together a collection of hiking themes that everyone will enjoy, including animal trails and forest trails.

  3. Leisure
    The largest holiday complex in the Alps, Le Palais, offers recreation classes for both adults and children. In the summer months, you can even enjoy skating to the beat of the music or compete in curling on the Olympic ice rink. Climbing fans will love the climbing area, where they can work on strength and flexibility, with other sports activities including indoor tennis on the Taraflex tennis court and the use of two outdoor courts.

    Those who just want to sit back and relax can relax at Le Palais Spa, which offers a wide range of facial and body treatments, including massages, a sauna, and an OPI nail bar.

  4. Paragliding
    For a new experience, try to enjoy the beauty of Megeve from a height by paragliding because France has many best paragliding spots in the world. You will pass through several valleys and some of the highest mountain peaks in Europe. Paragliding in France will serve you with stunning views of the Megeve landscape and luxury villas. If you want a more romantic experience, try traveling in a hot air balloon at an altitude of 2,500 m. from that height you can enjoy the sunset behind the mountains of Mont Blanc and Aravis

    To complete your flight experience, Megeve also offers tours using helicopters and panoramic planes. This will be a very memorable experience when you will be invited to tour the Megeve and Chamonix Valley areas as well as Valley Blache and Mont Blanc Massif.

  5. Adrenaline-Fuelled Water Activities
    For those of you lovers of adrenaline-pumping sports, you will definitely love canyoning. A sport that's sure to get your heart racing as you explore the hidden nature of this magnificent French resort. As you slide down rock gorges, down waterfalls, and jump into pools of water, you'll be accompanied by a certified mountain guide.

    Another option is you can relax in the aquatic center which is complete with several swimming pools. For those of you who come with family or large groups, white water rafting is an activity that you can do. You will experience a pleasant teamwork experience so that you can successfully walk along the 8 km Arve river. 

  6. Sledging
    Luge 4S Megeve is the answer if you want to get sledging experience.  Located at the foot of the Jaillet gondola in Megève, 5 minutes from Palais des Sports. Luge 4S which has a derivative of 715 meters will provide an unforgettable experience. You can ride it alone or together. And get ready for a great adrenaline rush between twisty turns, tunnels, and variations in altitude and speed. Those who can use this track must be at least 3 years old. Children under 9 years old are only allowed to use the track if accompanied by a person over 9 years old who will be the sled driver. This person will be appointed by the person in charge of the child. Depending on weather conditions (rain, snow, or snow), the operator may require that the minimum age of the sled driver is 14 years. The ascent is done by toboggan (no need to ride a chairlift or gondola). The sled is attached to the rails. As night falls, the lights and music come on to create a cozy atmosphere and fun activity for the whole family!

    Thus the review of this article about what you can do when summer in Megeve. I hope this article can provide inspiration and even more enthusiasm for a vacation in Megeve France. Prepare everything carefully, including by setting up lodging. If you are confused about where to stay, you can stay at Domaine Des Meuniers or better known as The Eco Lodge Megeve which is the best Chalet Megeve with friendly service, complete facilities, and has a beautiful mountain view.
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