Luge 4S Megeve: The Best Sledging In Megeve France

Luge 4S Megeve - Megeve is a very pretty and picturesque town that has retained its heritage and old country charm being a popular resort both winter and summer in France.


In winter, the city becomes an idol for spending the winter holidays. There are many activities that you can do here when winter comes, such as skiing, snowboarding, winter hiking, sledding, ice skating, and dog sledding. Which part do you like the most? You can try them all and it will definitely be an unforgettable experience.


How's the summer in Megeve? Summer in Megeve is as exciting as winter in Megeve. There are many outdoor activities that you and your family can do together such as playing golf, hiking, mountain bikes, paragliding, and canyoning. Not only that, there is one more exciting activity that you can do and I'm sure it will be the best things for summer, namely sledging. Yes, this is like a rollercoaster but with a very beautiful mountain view.


Want to enjoy it? Luge 4S is the answer. Located at the foot of the Jaillet gondola in Megève, 5 minutes from Palais des Sports. Luge 4S which has a derivative of 715 meters will provide an unforgettable experience. You can ride it alone or together. And get ready for a great adrenaline rush between twisty turns, tunnels, and variations in altitude and speed. Those who can use this track must be at least 3 years old. Children under 9 years old are only allowed to use the track if accompanied by a person over 9 years old who will be the sled driver. This person will be appointed by the person in charge of the child. Depending on weather conditions (rain, snow, or snow), the operator may require that the minimum age of the sled driver is 14 years. The ascent is done by toboggan (no need to ride a chairlift or gondola). The sled is attached to the rails. As night falls, the lights and music come on to create a cozy atmosphere and fun activity for the whole family!


Technical information

  • Length ascent: 365 linear meters
  • Length descent: 715 linear meters
  • Elevation: 95 meters
  • Average slope: 13.5%
  • Capacity: 300 sleds/hour
  • 13 curves
  • Average duration (including ascending time): 6 minutes of sensations, laughter and emotions
  • Maximum speed: 36 km/h.


Thus the review article about Luge 4S Megeve, the best sledging in Megeve France. Hopefully, this article can make you more excited to come to Megeve and add sleeding in Megeve France into your summer holiday to do list. When you come here, make sure you have a place to stay. Even if you don't have one, I recommend one of the best summer resorts in Megeve, namely Domaine Des Meuniers. Domaine Des Meuniers or better known as The Eco Lodge Megeve is very comfortable for you and your family. It has complete facilities, is close to the city and of course has a very beautiful mountain view. You can immediately book at

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