List of the Best Ski Resorts In the French Alps

France is a great place to go skiing, with a variety of resorts catering to all levels of skiers and snowboarders. These resorts offer a wide range of ski runs, from gentle slopes for beginners to challenging black runs for advanced skiers.   In addition to downhill skiing and snowboarding, many resorts in France also offer cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and other winter sports. Man... read more

Dog Sledding In Megeve France

When winter comes, Megeve will be visited by ski lovers from all over the world. As one of the winter destinations in France, Megeve does not only offer its slopes for skiing. There are many other winter activities that you can do such as snowshoe hikes, reindeer farm visits, hot air balloon rides, snowboarding, airplane flight over Mont Blanc, ice skating, ice climbing, and many more. However, th... read more

5 Best Winter Destinations In France

Best Winter Destinations - France offers exciting vacations with family when winter arrives. Winter and Christmas are the time to gather with family at the end of the year. The corners of France at the end of the year, offer the warmth of Christmas celebrations, sparkling light festivals, and stunning views of the tops of the icebergs. For those of you who are looking for recommendations for vacat... read more

Apres Ski Bars And Nightlife In Megeve France

As a popular place with ski lovers in winter, of course Megeve also has apres ski bars as an inseparable part of this winter sport. Gathering while telling stories of excitement after skiing accompanied by music and delicious drinks is an atmosphere that you will miss after your winter vacation in Megeve is over. Because it can only be found once a year, so let's make something memorable. Here... read more

The Best Snowshoeing Location In Franch Alps

Snowshoeing is a very satisfying way to have an easy and inexpensive mountain climbing experience. You can do this by hiring a guide or following a marked route. Taking a snowshoe tour in the sun or under the stars is up to you. Exploring with family or friends will add to the impression of this tour. It will attract lots of hikers to enjoy the fun of snowshoeing.   Best Snowshoeing Tri... read more

The Best and Beautiful Hiking Trails In Megeve

Hiking Trails - Megeve is a mountain village nestled between a charming valley and high mountains. Its geographical location in the heart of the Alps and at the crossroads between the Aravis and Beaufortin mountains makes Megeve a paradise for climbers. During winter skiing and snowshoeing are the star, but in summer it is an adventurer's paradise. There are many summer activities to do such a... read more

The Best Mountain Bike Trails In France You Must Visit

Mountain Bike Trails - For those of you who have a hobby of exploring and exercising, then mountain biking is one of the summer activities that can satisfy your desires. Luckily France has been blessed with hundreds of kilometers of world-class mountain bike trails. We've reviewed the full collection of the best mountain bike routes in France and here is the list:     1. Gra... read more

The 5 Best Paragliding Spots In The World

Best Paragliding Spots - Paragliding is another name for enjoying beauty with adrenaline. When you soar by the sea or dive across mountains, any fear is quickly replaced by awe. Of all the activities in the air, paragliding is the most fun. Paragliding can be done all over the world, but there are some of the best places that offer beautiful views and good instructions so making them suitable for... read more

Why You Must Try Summer Sledging Or Tobbogan?

If you are looking for a new family activity for a summer holiday in the mountains, then Luge 4s Megeve summer sledging is the answer. Now you don't have to wait for winter to experience descending the mountains from a whole new perspective while having fun. Summer sledging is as much fun as winter sledging.   First, you will be taken upstairs with a chairlift. During the journe... read more

Golf Terms That Every Golfer Needs to Know

Golf Terms - Playing golf requires skill and understanding of the rules of the game. In addition, golf players must master the terms in it. Like sports games in general, golf also has several terms that are often used in the game of golf.   Golf Terms Here are golf terms that both professional and amateur golfers should understand: Green: A grassy area trimmed short around a hol... read more

5 Best Altitude Restaurants In Megeve

France is well known for its sumptuous food and many famous chefs are from France. It's no wonder there are many luxury restaurants that offer aesthetic and delicious food. But have you tried eating at the altitude restaurant in Megeve? Besides offering delicious food, you will also be presented with stunning mountain views. Here are 5 restaurants altitude Megeve that you must visit:  ... read more

4 Best Restaurant Recommendations in Megeve. You have to try it

The Best Restaurant In Megeve - Megeve is one of the favorite ski resorts by tourists during winter or summer. This is of course because of the millions of charms it has. Megeve in winter you can do many things such as skiing, snowboarding, sledging, winter hiking, and many more. While Megeve in summer you can do exciting things such as mountain bikes, golf, hiking, paragliding, and many more. No... read more

What are Mountain Biking Preparations for Beginners?

Megeve Mountain Bike
Mountain bike enthusiasts will remember their first time cycling in the mountains, traversing rocky roads, rivers, and different types of terrain from highways. Every steep terrain that is traversed feels unreasonable and tense, but it is also fun if we have tried it. For those of you who just want to try mountain biking, what are the preparations? Check out the following reviews. 1. Move bod... read more

7 Types of Mountain Bikes You Must Know

Megeve Mountain Bike
Types of Mountain Bikes - Relaxing and enjoying the natural scenery in the mountains can be the right choice for you to unwind. This relaxing moment will also be more fun if you do it by cycling. Yes, while exercising you can refresh to make your mind light. However, not all types of bicycles will be comfortable to use in mountainous off-road terrain. Because every bicycle has its own function. Yo... read more

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Mountain Biking

Megeve Mountain Bike
Mountain bike lovers, both beginners, and pros are very likely to make mistakes when they are busy cycling. Cyclists may forget or feel overconfident in their abilities which results in embarrassing experiences or dangerous situations. Here are 6 mistakes to avoid when mountain biking:   1. Cycling on the water The sensation of cycling on water may be pleasant for cyclists, but not ... read more
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