What are Mountain Biking Preparations for Beginners?

Mountain bike enthusiasts will remember their first time cycling in the mountains, traversing rocky roads, rivers, and different types of terrain from highways. Every steep terrain that is traversed feels unreasonable and tense, but it is also fun if we have tried it. For those of you who just want to try mountain biking, what are the preparations? Check out the following reviews.

1. Move body parts when crossing obstacles

Mountain bikes were created to go through rough terrain, and our job is to let the bike do its job.  Lift the buttocks off the bicycle saddle when crossing obstacles such as roots and rocks. The more technical the terrain, the more space the bike needs to move. When going down a steep descent, straighten your elbows and knees so that your body adjusts to the movement of the bike, not against it.

2. Do not press the brake lever excessively

There are times when we need the brakes when going through certain obstacles. However, we do not need to press both brake levers with full force for the bike to stop. Mountain bike brakes are relatively powerful so we only need a finger or two to press the brake lever to regulate the speed of our bike. Adjust the speed before hitting the rocks and turns, then keep the bike speed.
If we turn at high speed, avoid the front brake (left brake lever). Stopping the front tire will make the front tire skid, and you will most likely pass over the handlebar and fall to the ground. Use the right brake lever (rear brake) instead. We may slip, but it is much easier for us to keep the bike upright.


3. Maximize the gears on the bike

The path in the hills consists of flat, uphill, and downhill roads. Therefore, if we see a steep incline or descent ahead, anticipate the changes in the terrain by changing gears (shifting) early. This will help us maintain momentum while mountain biking.


4. Adjust the suspension

The average mountain bike today has suspension at the front and rear. The function of the suspension is to reduce shocks when we are on a bicycle. However, the suspension only works if we set it right. We can spend some time learning to adjust the suspension, especially how the suspension works that bounces down and back up. Also know how to lock and open the suspension properly so that we avoid mistakes that make the saddle uncomfortable to sit on due to a suspension that is too hard.

5. Determine the path you want to take

Staring at the rocks that we don't want to cross actually makes us end up crashing into them. Because the bike will automatically lead to the path directed by the eye. Therefore, look at the path or obstacle that we really want to go through. Try to keep your chin flat, look forward, and use indirect vision (away from the center of the view) to avoid obstacles that suddenly appear in front of you. Wearing a special helmet for mountain bikes will protect our heads if there are obstacles that are difficult to pass and make us fall.

6. Know simple bicycle repair

Due to the rough terrain, problems while cycling tends to occur more often on off-road trails than on pavements. Tubeless tires have helped minimize tire punctures, but have not eliminated the possibility. So, know some simple actions that we can take if a bicycle part is damaged. At least, we should know how to fix a punctured tire. Other necessary skills include repairing broken chains.


7. Bring logistics and other equipment

Mountain biking takes longer than we think because we will hit rough terrain or get lost in the middle of the mountain. Bring more food and water than we need. Also, remember that you can't rely on someone else to come pick you up if something happens while biking in the mountains. Always have equipment such as spare inner tube, pump, and tools ready. By bringing the necessary equipment, we will be more relaxed and have fun while mountain biking.


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