Tips For Choosing A Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is classified as an extreme and dangerous sport, but not a few people like this sport. Mountain biking is a cycling sport that tends to be carried out on mountains, where the land surfaces where this sport is carried out tend to be flat, rocky, and have relatively steep terrain. For example on rocks, through streams, or on paths in the mountains, and countryside.

Mountain biking does look very dangerous and contains many risks. But if you know how to anticipate it, you don't need to be afraid. Because there are several things that you must pay attention to when you are mountain biking, such as choosing the right mountain bike. Here are tips for choosing the right mountain bike:


Pay attention to the frame size

The size of the bicycle frame is one of the most important things you should consider when choosing a mountain bike. Because if you don't use a frame with a size that fits your body, it will greatly disturb the comfort of cycling. For those of you who have a height below 170 cm, it is recommended that you choose an MTB bicycle frame measuring S or 16 ", 171-175 using a size M or 18 ", and a height measuring 176 cm and above using a size L or 20 ".



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Choose the appropriate tire diameter

In addition to the size and type of frame, you also need to pay attention to the diameter of the tires on the MTB bike. MTB bikes have three tire diameter sizes, namely 26”, 27.5”, and 29”. In general, the diameter of MTB bicycle tires has a standard size of 27.5 "although there are also those who use a tire diameter of 26".

For those of you who have a height below 175 cm, it is better to choose a diameter of MTB bicycle tires measuring 27.5 "because the 29" size is usually used by people who have a height above 180 cm and are big.


Customize fork type

There are two types of forks/suspensions on MTB bicycles, namely those containing grease and containing air. Forks containing grease/lubricant usually have a cheaper price while the wind type is more expensive which is known as Air Shock. In addition, there are also forks that can be unlocked or the term lockout.


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