6 Mistakes To Avoid When Mountain Biking

Mountain bike lovers, both beginners, and pros are very likely to make mistakes when they are busy cycling. Cyclists may forget or feel overconfident in their abilities which results in embarrassing experiences or dangerous situations.
Here are 6 mistakes to avoid when mountain biking:


1. Cycling on the water

The sensation of cycling on water may be pleasant for cyclists, but not for bearings and other parts of the bicycle that are easy to rust. Instead of crossing the water, it is better to walk while lifting a bicycle to cross.


2. Fixed in the saddle

The availability of a saddle on a mountain bike does not necessarily mean that cyclists must sit on it all the time and under any circumstances. In fact, it is better for cyclists not to sit when the bicycle passes through steep terrain so that the bicycle is freer to control the terrain. Not only that, cycling while standing makes it easier to transfer body weight so that the speed of the bike is more agile than just sitting in the saddle.



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3. Dressing inappropriately

 Make sure you have equipped yourself with clothes and equipment that are suitable for the weather and terrain. Don't forget to always wear a helmet.


4. Bringing supplies that are lacking

 Bring extra food and water bottles in case of an emergency. In addition, it is a good idea to bring medical equipment as needed.


5. Forgetting the front brake

Beginners usually overuse the rear brake which runs the risk of overturning the bike on a steep descent and thinning the rear tyre. It is better for cyclists to press the rear brake smoothly while pressing the front brake so that the rear wheel is not locked.


6. Not looking ahead

Collisions usually occur because beginners are often focused on the front tire rather than what is in front of them. Therefore, looking ahead is the key to anticipate the obstacles that will be passed by changing gears, brakes, or adjusting the speed.


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