7 Types of Mountain Bikes You Must Know

Types of Mountain Bikes - Relaxing and enjoying the natural scenery in the mountains can be the right choice for you to unwind. This relaxing moment will also be more fun if you do it by cycling. Yes, while exercising you can refresh to make your mind light. However, not all types of bicycles will be comfortable to use in mountainous off-road terrain. Because every bicycle has its own function. You can use a mountain bike or mountain bike (MTB) as your travel companion because mountain bikes have been designed to face mountainous terrain. You also need to know, that mountain bikes or MTB have various types with different functions. Here are the types of mountain bikes that you need to know:

1. Soft tail mountain bike

Soft tail mountain bikes are also often referred to as fullsus or full suspension bicycles. Yep, this type of mountain bike has a suspension on the frame. The suspension serves to reduce the impact that occurs when the bike jumps. The addition of a suspension device in the frame, makes this MTB bike heavier. So that the soft tail mountain bike is not suitable for relatively smooth terrain or tracks. In addition, the suspension on the frame makes not all of the pedals channeled into the bike's thrust. Part of the stroke will be an up and down swing, reducing speed.

2. Hard tail mountain bike

Hard tail mountain bikes are equipped with a rigid frame without suspension. On hard tail mountain bikes, the maximum suspension is only found on the front fork/suspension. In the frame, each joint will be joined by die (weld if the frame is made of metal, and patent joints if the material is carbon). This bike can be ridden in less extreme areas. Only limited to rocky/damaged roads without any deep holes or high jumps.

3. Bike MTB XC (Cross Country)

MTB XC (Cross Country) bicycles are also often referred to as fullsus bicycles. The construction of this bike is designed for medium to extreme offroad tracks. Downhill bicycles are an example of this type of MTB bicycle that uses this full-suspension construction.

4. MTB Trail Bikes

The MTB Trail bike is not much different from the XC. But for MTB Trail is modified with suspension in the middle of the frame, so it can be used in tougher terrain.
In addition to several designs that use the fullsus system, there are also trail MTBs that use hard trail frames. Usually, the front suspension of this mountain trail bike has a travel between 120 to 140 millimeters.



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5. Enduro MTB Bikes

Enduro MTB bikes use frame construction with double suspension or full suspension. Thus, it is suitable for medium off-road tracks.
Designed with a lighter weight, making the MTB Enduro bike more agile. But its drop ability (falling from a height/jumping) under a downhill bike. One of the reasons is because this bike uses a front suspension with travel between 150-160 mm.

6. Downhill bike

Downhill bikes are designed to bulldoze derivatives such as extreme hills. This bike is not suitable for use on urban roads.
One of the advantages of this bicycle is that it can reduce the impact that occurs when the bicycle jumps high enough. Downhill bikes generally have a large and sturdy frame. The suspension used also has a large travel, which is up to 200 mm. This allows the downhill bike to land smoothly from a jump height of 2 meters, or even more.

7. All Mountain (AM) MTB Bike

This All Mountain MTB bike is capable of facing various off-road mountain tracks. This ability cannot be separated from the full suspension construction applied to this AM MTB bike. In addition, the travel fork / front suspension measuring between 140-160 mm can overcome rocky off-road roads.


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