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Present-day of the Priory founded by the Benedictines around 1085. The church is believed that the first religious buildings in this area appeared in the XII century after the came of the monks of the famous Benedictine monastery of St. Michael the Archangel, located in the mountain valley of Val di Susa in the territory of modern Italy. They founded the parish of St. John the Baptist. It has preserved some of the details of medieval buildings, Dating from the year 1202.


The city has repeatedly sparked devastating fires, for example, in 1728 and 1754. During the last burned down the Church tower, which was restored in the XIX century. 


The Church of St. John the Baptist is characterized by a lush interior, which is interspersed with elements such as Baroque style, and the flamboyant Gothic style. Particularly worth mentioning is the fanciful Gothic choirs with an elegant altar in 1731, which managed to recover after the French revolution.


The back portal of the Cathedral, adorned with various sculptures, was completely rebuilt in 1872. But the main entrance to the Church has managed to preserve almost intact - these powerful wooden doors were completed in 1622.


Wall painting of the Cathedral was mainly completed in 1827 by an Italian artist, Muchinga. And in 1956 to the interior of the Church was added another bright detail - 14 enameled plaques representing the way of the cross of Jesus Christ.


The organ, inaugurated in 1842, is by brothers Joseph and Claude-Ignace Callinet, members of a famous line of organ builders who marked the pre-romantic era.


In the Church, the tower is 11 bells, which form a Carillon that was erected in the 18th century and partially rebuilt during the Sardinian restoration. The oldest bell was made in 1783, and weighs only 650 kilograms, while the heaviest reaches 3000 pounds. 


Since 1988 the Church of St. John the Baptist is a monument of the art and culture of France and is under state protection.


Since its restoration in 2004, this magnificent instrument has largely recovered the physiognomy and characteristics it originally possessed.


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There is also an option for a guided tour "Megève, from its origins to today" of the historic center and the church starting from 5 € minimum 5 people for a tour by reservation only every Tuesday, all year round. Visit the Tourist Office website or site to get the information.



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